Who We Are

Melissa Burgos, MD


President since 2015 Spearheaded the development of Club DREAMS.

Family Physician and residency faculty with a fellowship in Faculty Development and Cultural Competency. Mother of 4 children : Clara , Juliet, my son with Down Syndrome, Lee, and Octavia. Passionate advocate, creative thinker, dreamer, and “want to be”event planner. I love being a part of DSACNJ and the Executive Director of Club DREAMS. In addition to the wonderful and meaningful family support we personally provide, I strive to advocate in the medical community to improve patient experiences and support in the prenatal and postnatal period. I spearheaded the NJ First Call program offered by DSACNJ. I feel this component of our advocacy is critical for new parents.

Joellen Boyd


  • Board member since 2010
  • Mother of 3: Daughter with Down syndrome, Rebecca and 2 sons Ryan and Brayden
  • Accountant Nexus Properties
  • Has been a devoted board member to bringing forth Club DREAMS

David Jenning

Vice President DSACNJ/Club DREAMS

  • Over 15 years of business operational experience.
  • Loves talking to new parents about Down syndrome and coaching and mentoring people.
  • Forward thinking leader who can build and maintain high functioning teams.
  • Father of 3.

Shannon Swope

Secretary DSACNJ/Club DREAMS

  • Board Member since 2022
  • Experienced social worker in pediatric healthcare
  • Passionate advocate for the special needs community and individuals with Down Syndrome

Member at Large


Nancy MacKay

Member At Large in 2016
Retired Public Health Nurse Administrator.

My husband and I started an inclusive ministry Side by Side at our faith community after our granddaughter with Down Syndrome, Kate, was born realizing the need for those with “different” abilities to be valued, understood, and fully included in the life of our faith community. Also for several years I volunteered at SONJ summer games as a Buddy. Prior to Kate’s birth I had been marginally involved with individuals with disabilities as a professional and always championed their causes. However, Kate’s birth and life certainly has increased my knowledge, compassion and appreciation for those with DS. Kate has a wonderful support system including her parents, siblings, teachers, medical professionals, and friends and I consider it a joy and honor to be a part of her life.

Amy Jones-Johns

Member at Large

  • Member at Large since 2012
  • Vice President 2016
  • Mother of 2 children: Daughter with DS, Emelia Son Edward
  • Strong advocate for
    individuals with DS.
  • Devoted to ‘paying forward’ the love
    & support I felt from Emelia’s
    1 st day of life to today

Rachelle Jennings

Member at Large since 2012

  • Mother of 3 children: Daughter Kaydence (10), Son with DS Isaac (8), and daughter Emily (7)
  • Former Elementary School teacher with experience in general and special education.

Honor Griffin

Self Advocate Part Time Employee

Self-Advocate since 2018. The job is very interesting and very fascinating. the board asks for my suggestions. I welcome and greet new families. I put together folder handout packages for the doctors outreach program. I set up and cleanup at picnics/gatherings and fundraisers. I learn a lot and meet a lot of different people.